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Echeverias are a superb group of succulent plants, with a huge variety of sizes and colours.  Some grow as small clumping rosettes, and others on long stems.   They have attractive flowers, but they are most prized for their leaf form and colour, which changes with the seasons. They can grow in part-shade, but a position in the full sun brings out their best colours.  Drought-tolerant and hardy, Echeverias are a wonderful feature in the modern garden.

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xGraptoveria cv. 'A Grim One' xGraptoveria cv. 'A Grim One'
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xGraptoveria cv. 'Marble Tones' xGraptoveria cv. 'Marble Tones'
Similar to Echeveria cv. 'Imbricata', this cultivar has strongly bluish leaves tinged with purple…

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